Captain OmegaTM

Meet Captain Omega™, An intrepid Hero that comes from Cold Water of Omega-Shores. A young salmon ready to take on fun adventures while in the company of his Fin-Tastic friends from the sea.


UNIKA is a sweet, generous, and fun-loving Narwhal who loves baking and preparing the most fin-liciuos treats for Captain Omega™ and his friends. UNIKA thinks she is a Unicorn of the Sea!


He is all about surfing and getting in the water. SURF DUDE believes he is from the warm Califin Town, although he grew up in the cold town of Orsta-Finla.


STAR STAR is a fizzing ball of energy and humor. She loves playing music and organizing celebrations where all can dance and enjoy.


LUGO is the quiet of the team. He is the gamer of Captain Omega’s squad and is the only one along with Captain Omega™ that talk to Blue, the Northern Light (Aurora Borealis).


A gentle and kind Sea Lion, LIONELE is very good at making friends, and loves playing FIN-Ball with UNIKA. Competitive by nature, he is charming and always in the best mood.


LIGHT-FISH is the funniest character of Captain Omega’s squad. Although he is the pet of LUGO, Captain Omega™ and the rest of his friends have adopted him as their buddy.


A baby Orca Whale who is very bright and curious and doesn’t like to sit still for too long! She is the youngest of Captain Omega’s squad and is always ready to play.


A friendly boat that has a huge heart. He dreams to one day become a fish so he can swim with all his friends from deep sea water.